About us


Lavis is one of the leading international companies specialized in production design furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room and garden. The Lavis Company produces unique furniture that can be called one of the best in the market. Our furniture is a collaboration of high Swiss quality, high standards and experience. Our highly-skilled team makes our products special and exquisite. Lavis has excellent reputation in the world of luxury furniture. Our products have top-level quality control and our furniture is defect free. All of our products are made by outstanding craftsmen that have the necessary know-how and skills for creating and building high quality products. Our collection is selected with great care, based on authentic furniture and accessories, always with an eye for detail and quality. The product range includes upholstered beds, box-spring beds, sofas, dining tables, club tables, garden furniture and more. We care about every client and when you choose our developed and high qualified team you make right choice, choice that will make you satisfied. Throughout the year we regularly update our website with new articles, which you can easily find in our new products rubric. The careful attention we pay on our customization option will help guaranteeing meeting your special wishes! We are a trustworthy wholesaler supplying varied, high-end, international furniture collections.

 You can contact our team anytime and ask any questions about our products and offers.